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Working with our first Seagull customer we developed a high performance, low maintenance unit which could replace antiquated quad-runner turbines. To be economically feasible the new turbine had to achieve high capacity with no change to the basic open-flume powerhouse layout.

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Features / Benefits

  • Although each new Seagull turbine is custom designed, every customer benefits from the design concepts of our first unit: two bearings mounted immediately adjacent to the runners, a dry pit for all the wicket gate mechanisms, rugged single pedestal mounting, and all hydraulic passages designed using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  • Our Seagulls have proven to be robust, low maintenance units. They are workhorses that produce outstanding annual revenues. If your open flume unit is unreliable or you are looking to increase capacity, we would be pleased to size a Seagull turbine for you.

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