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Isolation, Safety and Relief Valve

Medium operated isolation and relief valves for compact design in nuclear power stations

Steam block unit (SVU)

- Combines several functions with one main steam isolation valve (SIG series), two pilot operated safety valves (GVG series), and one isolation check valve (CVG series)

- System medium operated quick closing steam isolation valves: SIG series

- System medium operated isolation check valves: CVG series

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- Suitable for all types of nuclear reactors (PWR, BWR, CANDU, PHWR, RBMK, LWGR, HTGR)
- High and low pressure live steam pipeline leading to the turbine
- Main steam isolation valves
- Main steam relief isolation valves


- Guaranteed leak tightness due to system operated principle
- Customised to special operational logic
- Possibility of redundancy of the actuator
- Low or high pressure in-situ test during operation for preventative maintenance
- Reduced maintenance
- Low power consumption of the actuator
- K1 - 1 E qualified for applications within the containment of nuclear plants
- Compact design reduces size and weight
- Customised interfaces (upstream and downstream pipes)

design standard

- ASME class 600# - 900# or customised


- From 70 to 2900 Psi (0.5 to 20 Mpa)


- High temperature applications to 600 degrees Celcius (1112 degrees Farenheit)


- 4 to 34 inch (DN 100 to 800)


- Forged carbon steel body - special material on request

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